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Children’s Dentistry

There’s nothing more adorable than a young child with missing front teeth. It’s even charming that the missing baby teeth affect their speech, as they memorably spit and lisp their way through childhood conversation. But sometimes children experience premature tooth loss, which can negatively affect not only their smiles, but also their confidence.

We at Mint Family Dental provide services like cleanings and fillings, pediatric partials for broken/missing teeth, sealants for protecting teeth of a child that acts as a barrier and shield enamel from plaque and acids. We additionally provide screenings to check if dental orthopedics are required.

Why Are Baby Teeth Important?

Child’s baby (primary) teeth help them chew, develop physically, mentally and emotionally and provide placeholders as their permanent teeth grow and develop.

If their primary teeth are pulled out before they’re prepared, it could indicate problems as they grow and when their permanent teeth are ready to erupt.

Your Child’s Teeth Also Assist Their Mental Development

As kids learn to make sounds, speak and communicate, their tongue, lips, cheeks and teeth are all should work correctly so as to express their thoughts.

Well-functioning teeth additionally facilitate a child’s concentration; if they’re in pain from a unhealthy tooth, analysis shows that they perform poorly at school and might additionally develop alternative negative behaviors as a result of their discomfort.